Budzey Building Receives Masonry Institute of BC 2015 Award of Excellence

Supportive-Housing Women Led Families Special Needs

The Budzey Building has recieved The Masonry Institute of BC
2015 Award of Excellence for High-rise. This project is a partnership between BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and RainCity Housing. It consists of three major components: subsidized rental housing for the unhoused, RainCity Housing offices, and a commercial component.

The form of the building emerged from a desire to develop a strong urban street definition at the corner of Powell and Princess and contribute positively to the neighborhood surrounding Oppenheimer Park. Brick allowed the architects to achieve these design objectives while imbuing a sense of permanence and quality. The selected brick veneer, installed on a pre-engineered angle support system,

is a Norman module laid in a 1/3 running bond. Precast windowsills complete the exterior wall assembly. Further masonry elements were introduced in the landscape setback along Princess Street to define and enrich an evolving city mandated Children’s Interpretative Walk. Although undeniably modern in expression, the building form and materials allude to and reflect elements of the historical architecture of the Downtown Eastside.