Dania Home Ribbon Cutting

Complex-Care Seniors Healthcare

The new 102-bed complex care facility designed for Dania Home Society has officially opened with a grand ceremony attended by dignitaries, local politicians, society members and key players.

It is the first phase in the redevelopment of a 7.1 acre site located on Canada Way and Norland Avenue in Burnaby. The new complex care residence is a friendly supportive environment in which the frail elderly and Alzheimer residents would be accommodated in several self-contained homes or cottages, more in keeping with an extended family unit.

The 2-storey building is configured with U-shaped courtyards overlooking the “Commons”, the central green space around which all the buildings on site are organized and focused. There are three self- contained homes on each floor accommodating a grouping of fourteen residents permitting frail residents in their daily lives to live among familiar faces. Each home has its own dining, living and activity areas, care centre and support services. The social spaces are clustered together in an open plan with large patios stretching outward into the landscaped gardens, establishing a sense of transparency, openness and integration of the outdoors with the interior living spaces.

“At Dania Home, we had a dream. The dream was to develop the plans, secure the funding and commence the building of a new structure to house 102 elders and seniors…”

– Kjeld Christensen, President Dania Home Society

“With the new home, Dania’s vision to be leaders in providing comprehensive care through innovation and outreach, while expanding and enhancing our facilities in response to the changing needs of our community is coming true…”

– Margaret Douglas-Matthews, Executive Director, Dania Home Society