Kwayatsut Achieves LEED Gold Certification

Kwayatsut BYRC Vancouver Native Housing Mixed-Use Special Needs

In addition to a commitment to social sustainability, Kwayatsut achieves a significant level of environmental sustainability. Sustainable design strategies include: optimized exterior wall assemblies / low window to wall ratio, ground source heat pump system / energy recovery ventilation, radiant hot water heating, solar shading, reduced lighting density, low-flow fixtures, and enhanced ventilation to living units.

Kwayatsut is a partnership between BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, the Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC) and the Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS). This initiative focuses on providing safe, secure, rental housing in response to the homelessness crisis in Vancouver.

The project consists of three major components:


The residential component, consisting of ninety-nine self-contained units of housing plus amenity / support space, is intended for people who are or at risk of being unhoused. Thirty of the units are for youth.


The commercial component is owned, managed and leased by the City of Vancouver.

Youth Resource Centre

The BYRC is a multi-agency centre providing a range of social, health, housing, education, employment and life skills services to at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24.