Kwayatsut provides housing and support services for unhoused and at-risk youth. The building is also the new home of the Broadway Youth Resource Centre and incorporates elements of Aboriginal culture designed to address life-skills development and foster a sense of purpose and community among residents.
Project Type
Special Needs
2645 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC
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“I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for the excellent job you did with our new BYRC and housing. Our kids are flocking back, and our staff are happy, happy, happy and appreciative. The centre is bright, spacious, and just the perfect amount of beautiful, meaning functional and great looking, but not so beautiful that the kids won’t feel comfortable.”

“A challenging project, serving a high needs user group, this building needed to be highly durable as well as welcoming, supportive and environmentally responsible…the building is generous and inclusive with elegant, comfortable and welcoming spaces that support and enhance self-esteem.”

-Jury Comment, 2016 CGBD SabMag Awards

This development is a partnership between BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, the Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC) and the Vancouver Native Housing Society. It consists of 103 units, including transitional housing, plus 10,000 sq.ft. of retail space and a 15,000 sq.ft. community resource centre.

Approximately thirty of the residents will be youth. The remainder of the units will be available to individuals who have low incomes and are unhoused or at risk of becoming homeless. These individuals will be referred through BC Housing.

The BYRC is an integral multi-agency centre that provides a wide range of social, health, housing, education, employment and life skills services to at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24. Services are provided by several non-profit agencies including, Pacific Community Resources (PCRS) a community college, a university and all three levels of government. The goal of this multi-agency model is to provide a seamless continuum of integrated community-based social and health services to at-risk youth within the Broadway Corridor.