Foxglove Shelter

Foxglove is a 6-storey wood framed project near Green Timbers Park that provides shelter and temporary housing for high-needs individuals with a chronic history of being unhoused. This facility is run by RainCity Housing and Support Society.
Project Type
Special Needs
9810 Foxglove Drive, Surrey
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RainCity Housing and Support Society

Project Type
Shelter & Transitional Housing

9810 Foxglove Drive, Surrey

Site Area
43,621 sq.ft. (1 acre)

Building Height
6 Storeys

CD Zoning

“We are pleased to be able to welcome 100 Surrey citizens into new homes and 30 Surrey citizens into shelter and are looking forward to getting to know people. We are particularly excited to be able to offer enhanced health supports in close collaboration with Fraser Health, enhanced Indigenous Cultural Supports and Peer Supports to 39 of the people we will be welcoming in. We are also focused on continuing to build relationships with the Semiahmoo Nation, our neighbours and community partners.”
– Catharine Hume, Co-Executive Director, RainCity Housing and Support Society

The core program requirements for the new facility include thirty-one shelter units, ninety-nine transitional housing units ancillary support services such as: lounges, laundry, recreation, counselling, health services, dining and food services. An outdoor space surrounding the building includes a secure patio space for dining and outdoor activities.

The building’s simplicity with respect to massing and character aims to create a calm atmosphere for both its residents and the surrounding community.

Foxglove addresses sustainability in several ways including: a the highly insulated building envelope, the use of energy efficient windows, vertical and horizontal solar shading to reduce solar heat gain and glare, daylight harvesting, low voltage lighting system, as well as permeable exterior site surfaces.