Fu Shan Hou

This comprehensive masterplan for the Fu Shan Hou
 Residential Area, in the Shibei District of Qingdao was
developed to accommodate approximately 120,000 people in
a range of low, medium and high density housing forms.
Project Type
Urban Design
Qingdao, China
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concept incorporated traditional European planning principals 
in this new urban context. A series of distinct neighbourhoods 
were created, each with its own parks, schools, community centres and other amenity facilities.

Road systems were designed to closely follow the existing topography and a series of interconnected bicycle routes were developed between the buildings.

A key component of the public open space amenities was the rehabilitation of an existing neglected water course that resulted in a valuable linear park.

Through the production of the masterplan NSDA completed analysis drawings of key components such as public open space, landscaping, circulation, views, typical buildings and courtyards, and the development of adjacent streets and intersections.