The Lido seeks to recognize and reflect the different architectural characters of the existing Main Street and emerging South East False Creek precincts.
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1650 Quebec St,. Vancouver, BC
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This project consists of two separate buildings at grade, with a podium and common parking structure below grade linking the two.

The 19-storey Quebec street tower emphasizes a horizontal assembly creating the impression of more verticality, and less mass, whereas the base of the building consists of horizontal street-scaled, low-rise elements and utilizes different materials to contrast with the tower.

In contrast the STIR rental building along Main Street uses scale, texture, and materiality, of a quality found in the older areas of Main Street. The horizontal scale is broken down in order to reflect the 25 and 50 foot wide parcels of the original area and the elevations explore a ‘tripartite’ treatment with contemporary detailing.

The project emphasizes the ‘rail-yard’ history of the area by incorporating light fixtures, railroad medallions, and granite blocks integrated with the paving. The project also includes amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool, urban agriculture, south facing green space and a children’s play area. Together the amenity components create a very livable and vital neighbour in what is becoming one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods developed in the City of Vancouver.