The Gardens

NSDA Architects and Perry and Associates collaborated in the planning of a new mixed-use community at Steveston Highway and No.5 Road in Richmond.
Project Type
Urban Design
10640 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC
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The development concepts were developed through a series of design charettes, community work-shops, and review sessions with City of Richmond Planning staff.

A number of development concepts were analyzed in terms of use, density and building form. The chosen development scenario includes a recreation component in the form of botanical display, community gardens and a conservatory flex space; a commercial/residential ‘village square’; an office/retail building; seniors’ assisted living facility; and a number of multi-family residential buildings.

The Gardens will not only improve the performance of the intersection of No.5 Road and Steveston Highway, but will also celebrate the City’s agricultural and garden city roots. Urban agriculture/gardens will be woven into the mixed-use village by providing tree-lined streets, landscaped courtyards and outdoor garden seating opportunities. It is a pedestrian oriented place where there are multi-tasked streets where people can visit, rest, garden and shop.