The Village Langley - Alzheimer & Dementia Care

The Village Langley is a 75 unit Alzheimer and Dementia Care Facility, located in the Township of Langley on the eastern edge of the Metro Vancouver Area.
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3920 198th Street, Langely, BC
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The Village Langley is the first of it’s kind in Canada; bringing the character of the traditional care environment as close as possible to a familiar residential environment.

In the last 20 years with the adoption of the decentralized household model, there has been a great improvement in the quality of life for residents in licensed care facilities in British Columbia. Functionally, and organizationally the project expands on the operational principles and efficiencies of the decentralized household model but departs from it architecturally through the design of the interior and exterior spaces and their relationship to each other.

In respecting the character and scale of the immediate neighborhood the resident buildings are limited to 1-1/2 storeys and from the streetscape organized to look like a cluster of cottages. The cottages are enclosed in a large park-like setting with a variety of paths, gardens and outdoor spaces scaled to suit a variety of activities and to also accommodate single persons or groups of people throughout the seasons.

There is a large community building that houses: a large multi-purpose area and Café for gatherings; an activity room; a general store; art and wood working workshop areas; a barbershop; and a spa, all of which the residents are free to visit as if they would go to their local town center. The community building is also open to the public to create a continuity to the surrounding neighborhood.

The households are designed as a cluster of cottages that house common spaces which open up to patios and the gardens. Two households of 12 and 13 residents form a duplex. Each duplex has dining and living areas, a spa, activity room, tv and solarium room. Administration, staff areas and service spaces are shared between the duplex. Common spaces are spatially linked but are scaled so residents can find their own cozy space.

The hope is The Village Langley setting will allow for a holistic approach to Alzheimer and dementia care, enriching their lives. The diversity of spaces and programs is designed to  bring the right amount of stimulation and excitement, and most of all, a sense of independence and purpose to the residents.