Whitby Estates

This neighbourhood is part of a comprehensive masterplan for the development of 103 acres north of the Upper Levels Highway in West Vancouver.
Project Type
Urban Design
West Vancouver, BC
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The site has been developed with a carefully planned mix of custom single-family homes, multi-family townhouses and apartments, creekside walkways, parks, a playfield and a site for a neighbourhood school.

As part of a multi-disciplinary design team, several design solutions were produced that addressed a wide range of site planning considerations including aesthetics, recreational, social, environmental, geotechnical and hydrological concerns. Particular care was taken in assessing the impact on sensitive environmental zones along the adjacent Marr Creek, and the two branches of McDonald Creek. Equal care and attention was paid to the landscape, with over 30% of the site area retained as open space, much of it in its natural condition.

NSDA generated a range of design responses for the three proposed multi-family neighbourhoods. At the Lower Folkestone neighbourhood a range of housing densities and forms were studied to assess their impact on adjacent properties. A townhouse development that had minimal impact on the topography was the preferred option.

At the Upper McDonald neighbourhood a similar townhouse development aimed at a more elderly population was chosen.

At the Lower McDonald neighbourhood located on the newly active Chippendale Connector, the mix of uses included single-level apartments, a neighbourhood commercial space, single-family homes, a neighbourhood school, a playfield and a central park.