Eau Claire Lands

The Eau Claire Lands represents the largest undeveloped area along Calgary’s downtown riverfront. Its central location is further enhanced by its proximity near the Eau Claire Market, the Bow River riverfront parkway and Prince’s Island.
Project Type
Urban Design
Eau Claire Lands, Calgary, AB
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The client desired a high density residential development for the three and half acre site, with 340 residential units in three highrise towers, stacked townhouses and apartments.

Unique challenges included; achieving a high density while maximizing view potential from each unit and preserving privacy; integrating and linking the project’s open space with the riverfront park while maintaining the semi-private nature of the internal courtyards; and establishing a distinctive neighbourhood character.

The towers were aligned along Eau Claire Avenue to minimize shadowing of the riverfront park with the townhouses and apartments sited along the riverfront park presenting a lower massing to the public space. A palette of brick, stone, pre-cast concrete, slate, stucco and metal standing seam roofing were used on the exterior of various buildings creating a cohesive neighbourhood feel for the precinct.