RDN Administration Expansion

The Administration building expansion is a simple yet elegant solution to meet the Regional District of Nanaimo’s expanding office space requirements.
Project Type
Civic, Renovation
6300 Hammond Bay Rd., Nanaimo, BC
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The Regional District provided a clear mandate and commitment at the onset of the project to an environmentally sustainable building and construction process. As such, sustainability strategies underpinned the overall design of the building and surrounding site. The project is Certified LEED Silver.

As one of the major economic drivers in the local economy, the forest industry has historically and currently continues to play an important role in the Region of Nanaimo. It seemed appropriate therefore to showcase wood products in the District’s Administrative headquarters.

The expansion area creates a new and prominent façade for the existing building along the arterial of Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo. Along this elevation, glue laminated structural columns are exposed and pulled away from the cedar clad building envelope. This allows the building envelope the flexibility to accommodate the varying spaces within the building which allowing the structure to space itself to optimize its efficiency.

The overall form of the expansion takes its cues from the existing council chambers, which were constructed several years ago. The expansion references the sloped roof, expressed structure, use of wood and treatment of the exterior envelope. The resulting expression allows the expansion area to transition seamlessly with the existing building.

The project, which has achieved LEED Silver certification, attempts to balance environmental responsibility, occupant comfort and well-being with the requirements of construction and building maintenance.