RDN Transit Office Addition

The addition to the Regional District’s Transit building provides a public presence appropriate to the facility along with much needed administrative space and a comprehensive plan for the overall site to accommodate the growth of Transit operations over the next 20 years.
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6300 Hammond Bay Rd., Nanaimo
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Integrating and interweaving the public role of the Transit building with the necessary security required for safety and operation was the starting impetus for the design of the addition. Varying degrees of security and interaction was required, while keeping the perception of openness and transparency. Natural light, spatial organization and hierarchy of spaces played into the planning of the Transit Building addition.

The use of clerestories, glazed office partitions and an open centre workspace allowed natural light to the interior spaces. A raised roof over the lobby space punctuates the public entry and defines the public area of the building. Operational and administrative functions are distributed to either side of this space with the operational functions arranged by necessity adjacent the Transit Staff entrance. The interior is deliberately left open with glazed partitions where required for security and acoustics to facilitate the perception of a larger open space. The resulting overall transparency of the building provides a cohesive space for Transit staff and visitors.